Why should I enchant myself?Edit

Enchanting is the best skill to have in the game it can make the difference between life and death. It is useful to have heavy enchanted equipment to help you start a new expansion especially if your person isn't that strong. it also helps to complete certain quests that need a set level of skill. Obviously you can just go to any shop and pay to get some gear enchanted but that is very expensive in the long run and it is cheaper to enchant yourself.

What do I need?Edit

to enchant yourself in the game all you need is the knowledge of the spell enchant and some fortify magic potions to help you get started. Enchantable Gear is a must have.

How To start Enchanting to high levels?Edit

To start Enchanting and being able to enchant to high levels you should get some fortify magic potions. Drink a small fortify magic potion, a large fortify magic potion, an ultimate fortify magic potion and a homemade one if possible. Then cast the spell enchant and select the gear you would like to enchant. If you find yourself able to already enchant to the level you require then just enchant with whatever you want. If not you may want to get some gear with smaller enchant storage and start enchanting it all with environment magic, as you go along, equip this gear and you will notice your enchanting storage going up and up and up. Keep going you may have to enchant gear with more storage again with environment magic and equip that but it is worth the effort. When you do get to the value of enchanting you need/want you're done. Enchant away with whatever you want but keep the gear stored somewhere safe for future use.

Uses of high level enchantingEdit

High level enchanting has many uses, it can be used to improve your weapons, armour and accessories. It can make you the most powerful warrior or the most powerful mage or the most powerful archer whatever you want. One of the best uses of it is to enchant a whole new set of gear with alchemy to allow you to make super strong potions. the stronger the alchemy skill the stronger the potion that will be made so you can have fortify melee potions with much much more than just 100% enjoy;)

What Items can I enchant?Edit

You can enchant many items for a list of items and their enchant storage check out the page here.

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