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Alessandrea Donnen wants to resurrect her dead father so she can sleep with him and have a baby! Gross!

Starting Edit

Walkthrough Edit

  • Exit the Cemetery and go east to Church of Vastares.
  • Wait until it is night and knock on the northern window. You will get:
    • You have found 100 gold
    • You have found 5 items of Bread.
    • You have found a potion of Holy Chrism.
    • You have committed a crime. (Crime: 2, 200 gold to pay off)
  • Return to the Cemetery. (Guard at the entrance wont stop or check you, you can simply walk by)
  • Talk with Alessandrea about the pentagram and give her that potion.
  • Quest completed, you get reward.
  • At this point, you will have two options:
    • Stay and watch the ritual: lose 5 hp from being drained.
    • Leave now: you are shooed up the stairs to the surface.

Choose what you want, quest already completed and reward given.

Reward Edit

  • Bronze gauntlets
  • Leather cape
  • Ancient shield
  • 200 gold
  • If you fail the not return because you will lose 800 experience. You will continue to lose experience each time you talk about the pentagram.

Notes Edit

  • After quest is completed, she and her father disappear.
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