Lord Solamar, the old friend of Sathenea, was attacked at Pinegate - Western Shore. He is wounded, you need to find and help him!

Starting Edit

  • This quest can be obtained only after proving yourself in the Sathenea's School for Warriors.
  • After the fight ask Sathenea why she looks "Troubled" and agree to help.

Walkthrough Edit

  • Exit the school and go around it, to the sea. Lord Solamar walks not far from the building, just behind it.
  • He tells you how unfortunate and weak he is and asks for a full healing potion. You have few ways to go through dialogue:
    • Give the potion and ask for proof he's well and alive. He will give his dirk and walk away.
    • Tell that you need every potion you have. He asks you to change your mind. Speak again and choose something else.
    • Tell that you wanted to help, but don't have potion. On last breath he still asks for potion.
      • Tell that you're not going to give it. Lord sentenced to death. Quest failed, fame decreased.
      • Tell that you sorry and failed completely. Lord gives you some time to go get the potion and come back.
  • After you helped the Lord and received his dirk, return to Sathenea.

Reward Edit

Notes Edit

  • You just show the Lord's blade to Sathenea, not give. So at the end you also have Lord Solamar's dirk.
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