Get a Pattern Book Quest

A map of the waypoints for Get a Pattern Book Quest

Get a Pattern Book Quest - Reynal

Reynal the Traveling Tailor

Freynen the tailor of Phryn wants to make pretty dresses to sell. It is vitally important you help him!


  • Talk to Freynen the tailor in his shop in Village of Phryn and ask him if he needs any help.
  • He will tell you he wants a pattern book from Reynal, the traveling tailor in north-eastern Phryn. He gives you 5 furs to trade with the tailor for a pattern book.

Finding the TailorEdit

  • The tailor can be found just outside the city center behind a house. He will only be here during daylight hours.
  • Talk to the tailor about his pattern book. He will want either:
    • 10 furs (you were given 5)
    • or, 500 gold

Getting the BookEdit

  • You are given the option to try and haggle him down to just 5 furs, but even with a persuade skill of 76, he will insist on 10 furs.
  • If you have a high Stealth skill (26 or higher), you can steal the book through conversation only (no pickpocketing) with no crime or decrease in fame.
  • Or, you can pay the 500 gold for the book.


  • Go back to the tailor with the book and he will reward you with relatively useless light armor goods that have a resale value of around 1500 gold.
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