You receive this quest from Moth who is in the Boardroom of Gods

He says Habren, who is King Locrinus' daughter, is sleeping somewhere under Lydney sands.

To awaken her, you'll need the help of the god Nodens, who is the god of oceans and rivers

He says you'll also need the help of the god Conventina.

He says Taran the Thunder god has made him a prisoner in a cave and curesed him with a spell that clouds his mind.

Talk to Russian, who is in the Boardroom of Gods, about how to reach Nodens.

You'll also need the Chalice of Restoration to uncloud Nodens mind.

Darkstare, who is in the Boardroom of Gods, can tell you how to get that chalice.

You will receive the Free and Restore Nodens quest.

To get the Chalice of Restoration, refer to the Persuade the Giant quest.

Once you have the Chalice of Restoration, return to Nodens in Nodens' Cave.

Touch Nodens and you will use the Chalice of Restoration to restore Nodens to his normal self.

Talk to Nodens and tell him you need his help to wake Habren who lies trapped under Lydney Sands.

Nodens will say he needs to clear his wits to help you and asks you to come back in a few minutes.

Talk to him again and he will say you will need a stout hammer to break the rocks that imprison Habren.

He says if you need anything else, visit his idol in his temple.

You will receive the Hammer of Witches and your Strength and Endurance will be increased by 1.

Return to Moth in the Boardroom of Gods.

The Free and Restore Nodens quest will be solved.

You will receive Moth's Orcsticker.

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