A fountain is a type of Map Consumable that appears in most major cities or in Populated areas.

They come in many varieties, and their properties can be observed by the colour of their water.

Fountain Varieties Edit

Fountain (Aquamarine)

  • Gives a character an item of Water.
  • Resets daily

Health Fountain (Light Red)

  • Restores a character's health (unless they are Rasvim)
  • Kills any Rasvim character that touches it.
  • Resets daily

Mana Fountain (Dark Blue)

  • Restores a character's Mana
  • Resets daily

Poison Fountain (Green)

  • Poisons every character that drinks from it.
  • Can be drank infinitely, with no reset

Blood Fountain (Dark red/Pink)

  • Purely for decorative purposes.
  • Can't be drank from
  • Has no reset.

Unholy Fountain (Gray/Black)

  • Fully restores unholy health
  • Immediately kills any non-Rasvim characters that drink from it
  • Resets daily
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