Wilmot the Undertaker is missing some jewelry from the corpses he prepares for burial


  • To start this quest, go to the House of the Undertaker (pretty obvious). There will be some Lost Souls around here if you haven't been before.
  • If you ask Wilmot if there's "anything wrong" he will tell you about the missing jewelry and ask for your help. Accept the quest.

Retrieving the JewelryEdit

  • In order to solve this quest, you must first solve the Cure Hildemar quest and the Find the Cold Spring for the Healer quest. If you haven't already got these quests, go and get them now and solve them before returning to Wilmot.
  • Once you have solved the Cure Hildemar quest, she will hand over a ruby ring, a blue star ring and a ruby amulet. Make sure you don't sell these items but instead head straight back to Wilmot at the House of the Undertaker.


  • Once you have returned the missing jewelry, Wilmot will reward you with 2 cure plague potions, 2 cure poison potions, 2 cure paralysis potions, 4 full healing potions, 4 full restore mana potions and 100 gold.
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