Elena the Jeweler has had some of

her customers' jewelry stolen. Can you find it for her?

Map of key locations in the Castle of Eldfell

Getting StartedEdit

  • Speak to Elena the Jeweler in Eldfell - City Center. Ask her if there’s “Anything Wrong” and she’ll mention that some of her jewelry has been stolen and ask you to retrieve it. If you ask who was in the shop recently she’ll mention that it was the Governor’s wife and daughter so you need to go and see them next.
  • Go to the Castle of Eldfell. Speak to Galiena the Governor’s wife. If you ask her about her problems she says she’ll confide in you, if you go to her bedroom at night and she'll give you the bedroom key (see map). Speak to Hildemar the Governor’s daughter. She will ask you to return a stolen necklace to the jeweller – you just discovered the jewelry shop thief. You can accept or decline this quest see Return the Stolen Necklace quest.

Retrieving the JewelryEdit

  • In order to get the stolen jewelry, you must first solve the Cure Hildemar quest and the Find the Cold Spring for the Healer quest.
  • Once you have done these quests, go back to see Hildemar immediately after giving her the healing potion. She will give you the jewelry she stole from the jeweler - a fancy amulet, an unholy blood crown and an emerald necklace (unless you accepted the Return the Stolen Necklace quest).

Claiming the RewardEdit

  • Return the above items to Elena the Jeweler. If you return the amulet, blood crown and necklace, you will receive a reward of 2000 gold, a special fur and a fame increase. If you only return the blood crown and the amulet, you still get the fame increase and the fur but only 1500 gold.
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