Maps showing key locations in this quest

Dolf the Merchant needs you to find some mojo for him in a temple. Can you do it?


The Sunken Cemetery areaEdit

  • Be prepared to face Lost Souls and Mutant Dogs if it’s the first time you’ve been to this area.
  • You will note that the plant and idol are conspicuous by their total absence. This is because Dolf was wrong and the items are actually in the Fallen Cemetery which is entered through a hole in the water near the Temple of Eldfell.
  • Before entering the Fallen Cemetery, speak to Father Gorka in the Temple of Eldfell. He’ll give you an Eye of Protection amulet with 30% Magic Resistance.

Finding the Idol and the PlantEdit

  • There’s no ladder down to the Fallen Cemetery so you have to fall in to the hole and lose 20 HP.
  • Be prepared to fight two Servants of Flesh in here. The amulet you just received is a good item to equip . The Harm Undead spell works really well on these creatures and, best of all, doesn’t use up much mana.
  • The idol and plant are REALLY hard to find! You have to walk over the red plants marked on map 3. You can’t see anything different about the plants. When you walk over them a message will come up on screen that you have found the plant or idol.

Fix Auntie Rilla's mirrorsEdit

  • Go through the hole (marked X) on map 3 above. After killing another Servant of Flesh follow the passage straight ahead. You’ll find yourself in an Undead brothel.
  • See the Madame, Auntie Rilla. She will ask you to fix her mirrors which have been occupied by some evil enchantresses.
  • This bit is pretty simple. Touch the mirror. A Mistress Initiate will appear beside you. Kill her. Repeat with other mirror. The madame will reward you with a firebird feather and some studded leather armor. Make sure you pick up the Book of Dominion (Environment Magic +6) while you’re here.

Completing the questEdit

  • You need to find a hidden teleport in the area marked X on map 4. Head into this area and touch the brown brick on the wall. The teleport will appear.
  • Head back to Eldfell City Center to collect the reward from Dolf. I advise doing this before you mix any alchemy potions as you can use the fertility plant accidentally and if you do, it’s impossible to get it again and you fail the quest.
  • Dolf rewards you with 2500 XP and 2000 gold.
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