Find the Counterfeiter is a quest given to you by the Innkeeper of the inn in the City Center of Eldfell. In this quest the player has to find a counterfeiter that passed fake coins to the barmaid and call the guards to arrest him.

The Quest in DepthEdit

  • Speak to the Innkeeper in the Eldfell City Inn to get this quest.
  • Go to the door behind the inn and ask Lenorra and she will give you a description.
  • Head to the house directly across from the Lockpick shop. Talk to Berg, the man inside about a coin.
  • If you have Persuasion at 50 or less, the man will accuse you with a crime and he turns you in to the guards.
  • If you have a Persuasion of 50+, Berg will confess that he made the fake coins but will beg you for forgiveness.
    • If you forgive him, you fail the quest but you get a shiny crown (probably a fake) and an increase in fame.
    • If you turn him in, follow the next steps for your reward.
  • Go back to the Innkeeper. He will reward you with 1000 xp, 500 coins, an Innkeeper's Guild Medallion and an increase in fame.
  • Go back to Lennora, who is behind the inn, and tell her that the the fake's in jail. You will receive an increase in fame, 3 items of Cheese and Meat, and 5 items of Apple.
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