Locations for this quest (note Seff's location is approximate as he wanders around)

Telissera the Healer needs you to find a cold spring that has disappeared


  • You're probably here because you want to solve the Cure Hildemar quest. Unfortunately there's a catch. Telissera won't give you the potion unless you locate a cold spring that was once in the area but has mysteriously disappeared. She will give you the Amulet of the Healer (Fortify Magic 20% and +30 Heal Magic).
  • There are Hellhounds in this area. If you see Seff the Cyclops, note his position but DON'T attack him before you speak to Telissera, or it may be impossible to find the spring.
  • You might also want to visit the two healing springs here if you’re a bit bashed up, as they restore 40 HP and 40 Mana each. (They look like green smoke coming out of the ground. Just step on them.)

Finding the SpringEdit

  • The spring is behind some rocks in the position marked on the map. However Telissera mentioned you would need something heavy to break the rocks.
  • The only weapon that will work here is Seff the Cyclops' club so you will now need to get it from him. (Now you see why you mustn't kill him before this.)
  • If you have a high enough Personality (23+) and possibly a reasonable Persuade level (I managed with 40) you can beg Seff for the club and get it without needing to fight him; otherwise you have to kill him for it.
  • Go back to Telissera's home and hit the crack in the rocks with Seff's club. This should reveal the cold spring.


  • Report back to the Healer and she will now give you the potion you need for the Cure Hildemar quest and also an Orb Staff (+30 Heal Magic and +30 SP, good alignment only).
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