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Sohea the Witch's apprentice has lost her prized mortar. Can you help her find it before her husband across the road finds out?


Opening DialogueEdit

You -

"Why do you look so troubled?"

Sohea -

"I seems? Well, my apprentice lost my favorite mortar and pestle while gathering roots in the Garden of vastares... He says he fell asleep and forgot it. My husband will be so angry if he finds out! It was a present. I don't trust my apprentice to look for it and I can't go because my foot is sore. I'm so unhappy. Would you look for it please if you go that way? The Garden of Vastares is northeast of here. And don't mention this to my husband."

You -

"Yes, of course. Cheer up."

Sohea -

"Oh, thank you, kind warrior! I have another mortar and pestle, but this was my husband's present to me. I'll be here, waiting. I'll give you a nice reward that will include knowledge of how to make a resist magic potion. Certainly such a potion would be useful to a warrior like you."
You have a new quest: Find Sohea's mortar.


Find Sohea's mortar:

Find Sohea's mortar. It was lost in the Garden of Vastares. Bring it back to her shop in the Pine Quarter of Vastares.


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WorldMap - Find Sohea's Mortar Quest

A map of all locations in Find Sohea's Mortar Quest

You have found a mortar in the haystack.
"You have found an item of Sohea's Mortar/pestle"



Closing DialogueEdit

Sohea -

"Oh! Thank you! I promised to teach you how to make a resist magic potion. Here it goes, I wrote it down for you on a scroll. Just mix Crimini Vulgaris and Torstal Root. And here also is 50 gold to fatten your pocket. Thanks again."
Your fame has been increased.
You have lost an item of Sohea's Mortar/pestle.
The Find Sohea's mortar quest has been solved.
You have received an item of Sohea's Resist Magic Recipe.
You have received 50g.
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