An old man's grandson is missing.. are you ready to go down the rabbit hole to get him back safely for an exceptional ring?

This quest also includes the Find Rubor in Prison Quest


  • This quest cannot be completed if you have finished the main quest as you will no longer be able to commit crimes and get thrown into prison!


  • Talk to Rubor in Port of Mithria
    • He will say his grandson, Bana, is missing and asks you to ask around the Port to find out about him.

Press Gang!Edit

  • Talk to Hanty the Ship Captain. For 50 gold he will tell you to talk to Rongar, the Port of Mithria Innkeeper.
  • Go to the Inn and talk to the Rongar. He will will sell you the boy for 150 gold.
  • Go around to the back of Inn and go through the door. Talk to Rubor's grandson.
    • He will ask you to take him home. (you will need a persuasion skill higher than 30)

Going HomeEdit

Prison BoundEdit

  • If you have a low Lockpick or Environment Magic skill, you may need to prepare with a wand of strong Unlock before proceeding any further.
  • Commit a minor crime. Pickpocket and get caught, or break into house at night, or swing your melee weapon at a guard. You will now have a bounty on your head.
  • Talk to a Mithria guard who will arrest you. Tell him you want to "work it off". You will be sent to prison.

Busting out!Edit

  • Lockpick or unlock you cell doors and find Rubor.
  • Talk to Rubor
  • Open secret door at spike trap and take the teleport outside.
  • Go back to Cleatha in Outlands of Mithria and give her Rubor's unexceptional amulet as proof he is alive.
  • She will give you 400 gold and an increase in fame.


  • You will still have a bounty on your head. If the bounty is less than 500 gold, you might as well just pay it off to a guard. If it's larger than 500 gold, you can purchase a pardon from either Bertard in Vastares - City Center, or a Mysterious Man in the dock area of Mithria. (Note that there are two Mysterious Men in that area; one is related to the main quest, and the other one is the one you want to clear your criminal records. If you haven't done that quest yet, you can tell them apart by the presence of the "bounty on your head" option in the talk dialog.)
  • The treasure in Prison of Mithra is random. A pile of 2000 gold has been found in one of the cells.
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