Find Marusyma's Sister Quest Map

A map for Find Marusyma's Sister Quest

There has been an earthquake in the Undead City and Marusyma has lost her sister!


  • Talk to Marusyma (Map marker A).
    • She will ask you to find her lost twin sister Eleta.

Clearing the wayEdit

  • Get the Dark Maul weapon (Map marker B).
  • Use it on the boulders blocking the path(Map marker C). Only the Dark Maul is capable of removing the blockage.
  • Talk to Eleta (Map marker D).

Locked chestEdit

  • Go back to Marusyma and give her the amulet.
    • She will reward you with a 2 maggoty meats, 200 gold, 8 items of Golden Coin and access to a locked chest that you have to Lockpick yourself (gee thanks!)
    • You will need a lockpick skill of 41 or higher to unlock the chest and finish this quest.
    • Uttor the Master Thief in City of Mithria can train Lockpick up to a skill of 50
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