Fetch Ale is a quest found in the Thor's Hammer expansion

To being the quest speak to Regnald in the tavern found on Bream Island


Fetch Ale:

"For Regnald the Taverner, Bream Isand, go down into his cellar and bring him up 10 flasks of Goblin Ale.".

***The rest of this article contains spoilers***

Do not continue reading if you wish to complete this quest without aid.


  • Enter the Cellar found on the East Side of the Tavern
  • One of the Goblin Ale's will be found in a random barrel near the opening of the cellar
  • Direct South from the enterance of the dungeon you will find a hole in the wall which lead to a hall way leading to a locked door
  • Behind the locked door is a goblin named Gobby the Guard

There may be a key for the door but I was unable to find one and just picked the lock

  • Kill Gobby he will have the remaining 9 Goblin Ales
  • Return to Regnald with the Ales for your reward
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