Fen of Death

A map of the Fen of Death

Fen of Death is in the south-eastern part of the island. The entrance to the Empire of the Witch Queen is located here as a hole in a dead tree.

Source of Freymore
West Swamp of Tears - The Wall Fen of Death Fen of Death - Way of Corpses East
Fen of Death - The Sanctuary




Warnings Edit

While the fen of death region is available before reaching Skryven Keep or Phryn, it is not advised to (Nigh imperative that you don't) pass through it. While the fee to cross is much cheaper, the Witch Adepts and Winged Eyes you will find there can easily defeat you unless you are highly stocked on potions (Especially debuff cure potions) and have high magic resistance (being around 50%), Which is unlikely without clearing every enemy and quest before it. It is far better to just go through the big wall.

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