You receive this quest from Albion in Albions Realm, which is located in the Cliffs of Llyn Cau.

Albion tells you the Chalice of Restoration is lost beneath the Lake of Llyn Cau.

He says he also lost his favorite club in the lake and asks you to find both the chalice and the club.

He says if you find and bring his favorite club and the chalice, you can keep the chalice.

You will receive the Explore the Lake quest.

Go to the Lake of Llyn Cau.

Enter the hole that will take you to Under the Lake.

Go 5 Steps South

2 Steps East

1 Steps South

2 Steps East

3 Steps North

2 Steps East

3 Steps North

2 Steps East

Touch the wall to get the Chalice of Restoration

Then go 7 Steps South

Hit the wall.

Kill the Horned Giant Frog.

He will drop Albion's Club.

Return to Albion in Albion's Realm.

The Explore the Lake quest will be solved.

You will lose Albion's Club and receive 1000 gold.

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