Erzulie map

Erzulie is a Non-player Character located in the Village of Phryn.

(Purpose of this NPC is unknown)

After talking to the Gravedigger in the Cemetery East of Phryn, he tells you of the treasure in the North cave of the Silver Mountain. Some time after this he tells you that he thinks Erzulie has murdered her three husbands, all of whom have died, using poison.

Once you proceed to question her, she will first tell you that all three of her husbands have died. You accuse her, and she tries to poison you!

You then have the following decision to make:

A) You tell her that you know she tried to kill you and you will tell the Mayor of Phryn. If you go to the Mayor, he will tell you to wait until tomorrow, come back for a fame increase and a Knight Shield.

B) take 1000 gold and promise to keep your mouth shut

Quests Edit

  •  ?

Location Edit

  • House at the south-east part of Phryn.

Notes Edit

  • Erzulie, widow of the furrier Zaramoc, inherited his business. She offers to buy/sell furs, but the only answer you got is "No thanks" (even if you have 5 left after the Get a Pattern Book Quest).
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