Environment Magic is a both a skill and a school of magic that contains spells that affect the world around you as well as more mundane items.

Description Edit

Influences the effectiveness of Environment spells. Governed by Intelligence.

Mechanics Edit

Environment Magic is arguably the most usefull school of magic in The Quest as it provides a great number of spells that designed with utility in mind. Most characters would do well to invest a good portion of their budget in keeping a good Environment Magic level.

The most common use for this skill is in the process of Enchanting items that can be equipped or wielded. Though there are many NPC vendors throughout the game that may enchant items up to a predetermined maximum storage value, players will find that items with much larger storage values found in the later expansions for the game can only be enchanted by their own skill in order to get the most use out of that item.


Here is a list of spells within this school of magic.

Name Effect Target Game
Create Food Creates one food and one water Self The Quest
Disarm Disarms traps depending on skill Touch The Quest
Enchant Enchants an item depending on skill Self The Quest
Feather Lightens encumberance depending on skill Self The Quest
Flatus Crushes, disarms, and dispells a target depending on skill Touch HOL II
Mark Memorizes a position Self The Quest
Markit Memorizes a possition, and fortifies Intelligence depending on skill Self HOL III
Recall Ports to a memorized position Self The Quest
Recharge Wand Replenishes a spent wand depending on skill Self The Quest
Town Portal Ports to nearest city Self The Quest
Unlock Unlocks objects depending on skill Touch The Quest
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