Enchantress' Head is a quest given to you by the Mayor in the Village of Phryn.

The BeginningEdit

  • Start by talking to any village man or woman. Choose the option "Something unusual".
  • Talk to the Mayor of Phryn in the northwest part of the Village of Phryn about "The Enchantress". He will officially assign this quest to you. As additional information, he tells you there was a knife with strange markings near Julianna's corpse.


  • Talk to Aria "About Julianna". She says she stumbled upon the body when she visited Juliana's house for a cure potion. She also says she saw either Brom the blacksmith or Mysterious Man entering the house before the body was found.
  • Talk to Brom "About Julianna". He claims he is innocent and only went to the Enchantress to get a potion to get his wife back and a cursed bottle of wine.
    • If you take the potion and wine from him you will start the Brom's Potion and Wine Quest.
    • Talking to Brom about the knife results in him claiming he could've sold one to anybody.
    • Brom says nothing more about Juliana after you complete his quest.
  • Now would be a good time to talk to Unaak, the goblin who sells rare items. He begins talking about skulls.
    • Ask him about the Enchantress' head and he offers to sell it to you for 500 coins (Note that this option won't appear unless you fail the Brom's Potion and Wine Quest. Yes, you need to intentionally fail it.)
    • Tell him the skull can protect his roof from being blown off and he will give you the skull for free.
  • Head back to the Mayor and give him the skull. Wait 24 hours and then come back to him.


  • After 24 hours go back to the Mayor of Phryn. He will give you a Jewelled Amulet, High quality quilted armor, 200 coins, and an increase in fame.
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