Enchant is a spell in the Environment Magic set. It is regarded as the most useful Environment Magic spell in the game by many players. It is useful because the player can often enchant much better gear than NPCs can. This spell is required to fully enchant items with values higher than 750. Many players make "Environment Magic" sets through Enchanting gear. These sets focus on fortifying Environment Magic so that the player can enchant with much higher values than usual.

It is highly recommended to enchant rings and amulets to use with this spell, as rings and amulets can be enchanted with a Fortify All Magic bonus. This multiplies the player's enchanting space by a certain percentage.

This spell cannot be used effectively during Hero of Lukomorye II when the player has the Loss Of ability.

If an item has an enchant value below 300, it is recommended to go to an NPC that enchants items instead of enchanting the item yourself, unless you lack sufficent funds to pay the NPC with. The 100 mana cost can be better used for items with higher values.

Spell DetailsEdit

  • Name: Enchant
  • Cost: 100 sp
  • Effect: This spell enchants an item (self).
- Enchants an item up to (3 x Env.Magic) storage.

Book DescriptionEdit

"This incantation gives you the ability to enchant armor and similar accouterments that protect you in battle. It is a high level magic spell that is expensive. Telumar the Brave used this wizardry to enchant his shield when he faced battle with the ogre of Thousand Hills. He was able to increase his resistance to the ogre's blows to such an extent that he needed no weapon. His shield saved his life that day." ~From the Spellbook of Enchant

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