Empire of the Witch Queen

Empire of the Witch Queen

A dungeon filled with witches that use magic and poison attacks frequently. Located on the west side of the south section of The Wall, almost at the south shore of Freymore. There is a secret passage in the torture chamber that leads to the east side of The Wall, that bypasses having to pay the guards each time. However, you need to defeat the Witch Queen to get the key to this passage. Having complete access to this tunnel provides a way to get under The Wall without paying any money, though a hard one without adequate Magic resistance. The entry points of this dungeon are Fen of Death - The Sanctuary and Swamp of Tears - The Peninsula.


  • To defeat the Witch Queen, you need to first visit Long Spit Village past the marshes on the southeast of Freymore. Go past the Wall, survive the Fen and keep heading Southeast to reach the village. Talk to the Goblin Council (waheetu the goblin elder - his hut is by the hole in the village) member who wants the Queen dead. He will give you a special weapon to kill the Queen with.
  • Go through the Garden of the Witch Queen
  • Enter the pentagram teleport to an Other Dimension
  • Flip the switch on the wall
  • Enter the pentagram same teleport back to the dungeon
  • The magical barrier is now gone. Enter the purple teleport.
  • Take the Witch Key from a statue holding a tray
  • Go back through the purple teleport and through the Garden of the Witch Queen until you find a locked door opposite a golden statue hold a sword in the air
  • Use the Witch Key to open this door, where you will fight the Witch Queen
  • Defeat the Witch Queen. Note that she is unkillable unless you have the special weapon from Long Spit Village. After defeating her, search the room for a key to the Torture Chamber. You will need a rope to cross a pit to reach the torture chamber, where there are more enemies to defeat. There is a secret passage from the Torture Chamber that leads to the east side of The Wall.



Plenty of ingredients are available in the Witch Queen's gardens, which occupy a large section of the map.

Special LootEdit

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