Elixir of Youth Quest Map

A Elixir of Youth Quest Map

The Elixir of Youth

The Elixir of Youth

The Gatekeeper has run out of moisturizer and needs something with more kick to it.


  • Talk to The Gatekeeper in The Dark Castle in the zone Dark Castle (Map Marker A)
    • Talk to her "About this favor". She will ask you to retrieve an elixir of youth for her from a trapped room in the castle.
    • Note: You have 12 hours to complete this short quest

This is the PitsEdit

  • Go through the door to the south and walk into the first pit
    • You will fall and take 30 hitpoints of damage.
    • The pits are filled with bogs of Disease and Poison
    • Climb the ladder on the opposite side of the pit
    • Repeat 2 more times
  • You will reach an alcove (Map Marker B) containing a potion (the elixir). Take it.
  • Flip the switch on the wall and you will be teleported back into the main room of The Dark Castle.


  • Talk to The Gatekeeper "About this favor"
  • She will take the elixir and reward you with:
    • +25 permanent hitpoints (does NOT increase your maximum, unfortunately)
    • a potion of permanent Dexterity
    • a potion of permanent Endurance
    • a potion of permanent Strength
    • 3 potions of full healing
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