A Fire Dragon on Eldfell

A dragon is a powerful enemy that features one long-range attack and a more powerful melee attack. Dragons of different elements are commonly found in their respective areas, i.e., a Fire Dragon would appear around the lava-covered areas of central Eldfell.

The Enchant System of The Quest refers to these as "Dragon Spawns."


The Quest Original GameEdit


  • Level: 18
  • Hp: 350
  • Xp: 3500
  • Fireball
  • The Dragon is tied with the Undead King for the second-highest leveled monster in the main game.

Dragon KingEdit

  • Level: 20
  • Hp: 600
  • Xp: 5000
  • Deals massive physical damage
  • Fireball and Lightning Storm
  • The Dragon King is the highest leveled monster in the main game.
  • The Dragon King and the Undead King give the most experience for a monster in the main game.

Islands of Ice & FireEdit

Fire DragonEdit

Swamp DragonEdit

  • Level: 22
  • Hp: 750
  • Xp: 15000
  • Str: 70, Dex: 55, End: 55, Int: 11

Snow DragonEdit

  • Level: 25
  • Hp: 1000
  • Xp: 25000
  • Str: 75, Dex: 60, End: 65, Int: 14
  • Lightning Storm


  • Dragons are 2 stories tall, so try to retreat to a corridor where they won't be able to follow you if you need to retreat
  • When fighting multiple dragons, try to get them to fireball themselves. They are vulnerable to their own damage. You still get the experience for their deaths!
  • Use Magic Resistance gear, spells, and potions, especially if fighting from a distance. The Stone Skin spell is advised for fighting up close.
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