Demon Cemetery Quest - Mithria

Location of Hadan's House in Mithria

Demon Cemetery Quest - Demon

A demon out in the open

A father urges you to help him save his daughters soul from an unholy pact with a demon


  • In the Cemetery of Mithria you will a man dressed in green called Hadan. Ask him "Hm?".
  • He will tell you that his daughter is due to rise from the dead and she needs to be killed with a certain morning star that he will give you at his house in Mithria.
  • Once you accept you have 12 hours to receive the mace, and 24 hours to kill his daughter's ghost

Getting the maceEdit

  • Enter Hadan's house (see map) and talk to him "About your daughter"
  • He will give you a Saint Morning Star


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