Cyclops Enemy

Cyclops in the Pit of Blood


Newer Sprite of the cyclops in combat with a Nogur character. This is also in the pit of blood.

Cyclopes are high health and high damage bruisers that can immobilize and beat down any character that isn't completely ready to face them. Their basic attacks deal massive damage to low level characters and are still nothing to scoff at when a character reaches a higher level.


A Cyclops uses direct physical damage and an innate ability to Paralyze.

The Quest Original GameEdit


  • Level: 14
  • Hp: 270
  • Xp: 1500
  • Str:49, Dex:36, End:42, Int:7

Cave CyclopsEdit

  • Level: 16
  • Hp: 480
  • Xp: 2700
  • Str:56, Dex:41, End:48, Int:7

location : Silver Peak, Silver Peak Cave, and the Pit of Blood

Islands of Ice and FireEdit

Ancient Cyclops are found on Thule around the Ice Lake.

Ancient CyclopsEdit

  • Level: 20
  • Hp: 550
  • Xp: 6000
  • Str: 65, Dex: 50, End: 55, Int: 14


  • Cyclopses are 2 stories tall, so try to retreat to a corridor where they won't be able to follow you if you need to retreat
  • A high Resist Paralysis and Armor Class will assist
  • It has been reported that: "there is a really small chance (Estimated .001%) that a Cave Cyclops will drop 10,000 gold on their death. When they are nearly dead, save the game and load until it drops"
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