Galiena's day room and bedroom in the Castle of Eldfell

Galiena, the Governor's wife, wants you to obtain a potion to cure her daughter of her compulsive stealing


  • Speak to Galiena in her room in the Castle of Eldfell, She will tell you she has problems but she will only confide in you if you go to her bedroom at night (see map). She'll give you the key to unlock her bedroom door.
  • Go back to the Castle at night and let yourself into her bedroom. There is a blue restore mana globe and a red healing globe in here if you ever need them.
  • She will then tell you that she has found some jewelry in her daughter, Hildemar's, room and believes she stole it. (If you agreed to the Find the Jewelry Shop Thief quest you'll already know this.) She will beg you to get a potion from the Healer to cure Hildemar of this embarrassing affliction. Agree to do it.

Getting the potionEdit

  • Note the position of Seff the Cyclops but DON’T attack him until you’ve talked to Telissera the healer. If you ask her about a healing potion, she’ll want you to do her a favour before she’ll give it to you. She will give you an Amulet of the Healer (Fortify Magic 20% and +30 Heal Magic).
  • You might also want to visit the two healing springs here if you’re a bit bashed up, as they restore 40 HP and 40 Mana each. (They look like green smoke coming out of the ground. Just step on them.)

Return and RewardEdit

  • After getting to the Castle, see Hildemar and give her the healing potion(if you have persuade at lvl 50 or higher!). Then (this is very important) immediately go back to see her again to confirm that the potion worked and she is cured. If you don't do this, Galiena will refuse to accept that you've solved the quest.
  • You then have to wait until nighttime and go and see Galiena in her bedroom again (so don't drop the bedroom key before this!). If you see her in her day room, she will not discuss the quest but only admire your muscles (yes, even if you're playing a female).
  • Once you've confirmed that you've cured Hildemar, Galiena will reward you with 1500 gold and a fame increase.
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