You receive this quest from Fenwin in Lydney Park.

He says theres a lady in Lydney Village who needs the help of one like you.

She claims shes not for this time and is from the year 2011.

Before you send her back to 2011, you'll need to cure her of the Damp Disease.

He says to find the Cauldron Witch in Lake of Llyn Cau and beg her to give you the gift.

To get the gift, you must have a high persuasion skill and have the Jade Eye amulet.

To get the Jade Eye amulet, speak to the Ghost of the Lake there.

He gives you a book of Cure Damp Disease.

You will receive the Cure Duchess Cyndianna quest.

To get a Cure Damp Potion, buy one from a potion shop.

Then get the Free the Witch quest.

When you complete that quest, talk to the Cauldron Witch again.

You will receive the Ritual Magic Ability and the Witch's Staff.

Go to Duchess Cyndianna, who is in the Western part of Lydney Village.

You will receive Cyndianna's Belt.

Return to Fenwin in Lydney Park.

The Cure Duchess Cyndianna quest will be solved.

You will receive 2500 gold and an increase in fame.

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