The Crown Champion is a buffed enemy using the Barbarian sprite. He spawns only in his secluded battle arena in the Trial quest

Crown Champion

  • Level: 12
  • Health: 240 (250 if your character is Rasvim)
  • Damage: 20-30 per attack
  • Xp: N/A
  • Drops items that can't be picked up.
  • His First attack is empowered, and is garunteed to remove 30% of your maximum health or unholy health. This ignores any and all armor and health you had before it hits.

Strategies Edit

Use Undead Spells like Infestation and Drain health to wear him down while topping off your own health. Be aware that you need full unholy health to fight him, as his first attack is empowered and guaranteed to remove 30% of your max unholy health, regardless of the health you had before.

Make use of any healing spells you have, and lead him into a corner. If you have them, use spells like lightning bolt. If you have dual wield, you have an advantage, especially with weapons like the Unholy Twisted Rapier. Proceed to relentlessly attack him. Do be aware that his first attack will still remove 30% of your maximum health, so it's a good idea to have full health before fighting him and to stock up on potions.

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