Spell DetailsEdit

  • Name: Create Food
  • Cost: 30 sp
  • Effect: This spell creates some food (self).
- Creates food

Book DescriptionEdit

"This spell was made by a dervish who had been lost in the desert for twenty days and twenty nights. After a terrible experience, he vowed never to go hungry again and prayed for a spell to allow him to make his own food and water. This spell is necessary if you want to rest in the wilderness. You can't go to bed on an empty stomach".


  • (*) = Value varies depending on level of governing Attribute and/or Skill.
  • This spell will create one item of food and one item of water per casting.
  • This spell is great for making money. Just cast a few times by an inn. Onne you ran out of mana, sleep and recast again. When you run out of money, you can sell the food you created for a big profit. I recommend doing this in the first city because you pay less to sleep. The more Intellegence and Enviornment Magic level you have, the bigger the profit.  (Needs to be tested.)
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