You are charged with the crime of willfully murdering a citizen of mithria. Persuade the judge about your innocence.

I found a guide here that gives a lot of detail, but having tried it, it misses one point. In order to get the "confession" quest, you must answer one or two questions very carefully. I tried a few ideas before I got it right...

After a lot of conversation with Advocate Slemoko, Judge Hangrynyr and The Prosecutor, you finally get a choice -

Prosecutor: The Guard found you within five feet of the victim's body?

Answer 1: Yes, I was close enough to see the victim point his finger at the Guard when he said, "That's my murderer."

Answer 2: No. I wasn't that close.

Answer 3: I don't remember.

If you give answer 2 or 3, you fail the trial and have to fight for your life. Answer 1 gives the "confession" quest, even if you admit to being armed, and admit to being arrested before!

By Nick:

Answer 2 also led to Confession quest in my case. Maybe Persuasion level made the difference.

Then I took the flask to complete the cult leader quest.

Fought and complete Trial quest.

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