Comfort the Zombie Girl is a very simple quest given to you by Velga in the Village of Thule. It should take no more than several minutes to complete. However, if you take too long to obtain the items needed, the quest will have failed as Velga will be an attackable Flesh Eater.

Velga House

Velga's House

The Quest in DepthEdit

  • Talk to Velga in the northeasternmost house in the Village of Thule. She has become a Flesh Eater but is still able to think freely.
  • Velga first asks you to get five Love Lies Bleeding Flowers. (Such flowers can be found in the Garden of Eldfell and Cemetery of Eldfell. There don't seem to be any on Thule.)
  • After you get these she will want to dance with you.
  • After you say yes your quest will be complete. You will get some items and a fame increase.

After the QuestEdit

  • After the quest Velga comes out of the house to attack you. Her stats are similar to a Flesh Eater's.
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