Forharn the Hunter asked you to find Arneta the Huntress and make sure she is all right. He is worried about her because of the roaming monsters. Forharn lives in Thule Spine - Northern Region, while Arneta's house can be found on the peninsula south of Thule village.


To start this quest, you will need to buy 4 bolt quivers from a blacksmith.

Go to Forharn's house in Thule Spine - Northern Region.

He will take the 4 bolt quivers and then ask you to go to Arenta's house to check on her.

Arneta's House is located in the Ice Forest - Western Peninsula.

She will say she is ok and asks you to play a prank on Forharn.

You will receive the Prank Forharn the Hunter quest.

Then return to Forharn in Thule Spine - Northern Region.

If you decide to tell Forharn the truth, then the Check on Arneta the Huntress quest will be solved and you'll receive an increase in fame.

If you decide to lie to Forharn, then refer to the Prank Forharn the Hunter guide.

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