Miller, a farmer is having problems with Mistresses and Cyclopses.


  • Talk to Miller, an NPC farmer in green trousers in a clearing in the Eastern Silver Glades. Ask him "What are you doing here?".
    • He will tell you he is being harassed by Cyclopses and Mistresses from Silver Peak and he needs you to make them stop.
    • He will also ask you for a personal quest: To return his apprentice from the King of the Cyclops who abducted him.
    • If you accept this quest yo will receive the unique weapon the Cyclops Blade.

Silver PeakEdit

  • Enter the Silver Peak Caves through the North entrance in Silver Peak
  • Go into the cave and open the gate to the Cyclops King
  • Equip the Cyclops Blade and attack him, only you will notice that your blade isn't hurting him!
  • Flee the cave and find Elena the Enchantress in Silver Forest - Western Region
  • Talk to her "About the Blade" and she will enchant your Cyclops Blade.

Second Attempt!Edit

  • Now you have a real enchanted blade you will be able to kill the Cyclops King!
  • Once the King is dead, he will drop a Cyclops Key
  • Use the Cyclops Key to open the gate to Benan the Apprentice and talk to him
  • Benan will plead with you not to return him to Miller
    • If you make him return, you will get a decrease in fame
    • If you free him, your fame will increase and he will give you the Bloody Cyclops key


  • Go back and talk to Miller
    • If you freed to boy then you will receive an increase in fame and 600 gold
    • If you are bringing the boy back against his will, you will receive an additional 50 gold and 6 items of food.
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