A Map of the Caves of Fire

The Caves of Fire are a dungeon reached from the Sulphur Peak - East Side area


  • This cave has two sides and therefore two entrances.
  • The center cavern is split in half by a chasm.
  • The caves on the left (from top to bottom on the map) have:
    • A chasm and an item shelf
    • Another item shelf behind a spider web
    • A spike trap and a lever. This lever opens the room to the right. In that room hurl ranged weapons such as knives or use a bow and arrows to hit the cracks and the levers. Hit the buttons. An item shelf holding a key to a large room is behind the final crack.
  • The cave on the right holds an item shelf and the Lavabird's lair. You can sell the Lavabird's feather for 15,000 coins to the tailor. This room also holds an item shelf and a bookstand.



  • None


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