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Bryl is a Royal Agent and a Quest Giver located in the Village of Matras, and is the first Non-player Character most characters will encounter, with the exception of Seiry.


Location Bryl

Location of Bryl



  • Bryl is the only other person who knows about your real mission to King Mersant, and he is able to give you good information about other elements of a larger world in which Freymore is just a small part of.

Dialogue OptionsEdit

  • Why are you here?
"As head of the Kingdom Agents, Mersant's first line of loyal defense, I and a few others have been charged with monitoring events on this island of Freymore and providing informationto the king. Matras is a small village, so we can work in secret. If only there were more time to train you! The mission is perilous. I hope they have chosen the right one for the task!".
  • About the village
"Matras is relatively peaceful. It's a pretty town but the air is noxious and there is some small time smuggling. You may want to get involved, but don't let it distract you from your main mission. You can stock up on supplies from the armorer, tailor, magic shop and inn. Talk to people, find out what you can! These villagers are loyal to Governor Hume and to King Mersant.
Hail Mersant!".
  • About the Governor
"Our worst suspicion is that he's been poisoned by someone who wants control of Freymore, but no one really knows what's been going on. Matras is quite far from the capital of this island of Freymore. You may find out more in Vastares, a city southfrom here. Just follow the road. The Thieve's Guild there could be a valuable information source, but you may not be able to find them. You need to attract their attention somehow.
No one should know your mission, except those in Mersant's confidence. Don't forget, as far as anybody else is concerned, you're an adventurer from Beraquel, even though you don't look like one".
  • Hail to Mersant!
"Hail to Mersant!".
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