This quest can be obtained from Brom during the Enchantress' Head quest.

Starting Edit

  • During the investigation you will have to talk to Brom. He claims he is innocent and only went to the Enchantress to get a potion to get his wife back and a cursed bottle of wine. Agree to help him in order to get this quest.


  • After talking to Brom, go to Woodman's Land and go knock on the door of the yellow house. Tiria will open the door.
  • Tell her about a potion. Tiria will know Brom was planning on giving her a love potion. She takes the potion from you but does not drink it.
  • Go around the house and talk to Bomur the soldier. You have few options here:
    • Tell wine is just a gift. Bomur drinks it and gets poisoned. Your fame will be decreased.
      • If after that you also talk to Tiria, your fame will be decreased once more.
    • Tell blacksmith sends it as a gift. Bomur refuses to drink. Your fame will be decreased.
    • Tell the truth about impotence. Bomur is grateful. Your fame will be increased and you get 500 gold.
  • Return to Brom. The end depends on choise you made with Bomur:
    • If you told the truth, Brom will be disappointed. Quest will be failed without affecting the fame.
    • If you gave the wine, Brom will be satisfied. Quest will be completed without affecting the fame, you choose the reward.

Reward Edit

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