Bring Eckinish to Dagma Quest

Dogma Location

Dogma's Location

Dagma, the farmer Thurwin's wife, at Lava Lake requires some Eckinish plants from the Abbey of Thule to Cure her Lung sickness.

When your Persuade is high enough, Brother Joram in the Abbey Gardens (to the West of the Abbey of Thule) directs you to pick Eckinish in Thule Eden. The Eckinish is on the West side of the River in Thule Eden - East Side. Stand at the SouthWest corner of the Abbey Cemetery and head South until you reach the ocean; it'll be at the very end by the water. Be ready to fight past a flock of Flesh Eaters and Ancient Cyclops to get it.

(In an earlier version of the game it may have been possible to get it from Brother Joram: you can get Eckinish from Brother Joram in the Abbey Gardens to the west of the Abbey of Thule. But I enchanted my Persuade up to 100 and all he did was direct me to Thule Eden)

He has not given me this thing until I've completed some quests... Perhaps my persuade skill became good enough to convince him. (edit: I had no trouble with this, but my persuade was 55 before bonuses!)

After this is done Return to Dagma's house at Lava Lake and receive a reward.

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