Moruu's location in the Port of Eldfell area

Bribe the sea captain, Moruu the Orc, for Hildemar the Governor's daughter so that she can leave the island.


You can only get this quest after you have completed the Cure Hildemar quest.

Once you have done the above quest you should get a new option when speaking to Hildemar “About leaving.” She will tell you she wants to leave the island but that you will have to bribe a captain for her, since the Governor has closed the port to prevent the flesh eating disease getting to Eldfell. She will give you 3500 gold for the bribe.

Finding MoruuEdit

So where is Moruu? Well he’s a sea captain so the Port of Eldfell is a good place to start. Here’s a map of his position (see above) if you don’t want to search the whole area.

If you ask Moruu about Hildemar’s request, he’ll agree to take her to Beraquel as the winds aren’t right for Freymore. He’ll accept 3000 gold so you make a profit of 500.

I tried with Persuade at 50 and he said no way.  I put on an Amulet that added 25 persuade and he accepted 3000.


Go back to Hildemar and give her the good news. She’ll reward you with another 3000 gold but your fame will decrease (as bribery is wrong people).

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