Received from Thurm after Nadia's Potion Quest is complete. Can be sold to Drynn the Alchemist in Matras for 400 gold or, if you are an experienced trader, for 700 gold.

Text Edit

"It is said that there are as many potions, deaths and griefs as there exist kinds of snakes. Some snakes have scales and others colored markings, but all have a deadly venom. Snakes are cold by nature and do not strike until they warm up; they are therefore more dangerous by day than by night. A person who is struck by a snake's poison first becomes numb (like from cold), but when the poison becomes hot it burns and immediately kills the man. Its venom is so called because it runs through the veins; therefore the poison can do no harm unless it touches the blood of a man or beast. Striking a snake with an arrow or spear will cause the poison to travel up the object, soaking it with venom that is more powerful than any man can concoct from herbs. Soaking the object after in Witches' Kiss and King's Folly will set the poison well."

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