NPC Sister Irenne

The good? sister

Bag of bones

The bag of holy bones

Famous bones have been stolen and they need to be returned before pilgrims find out they are visiting fake bones.


  • Talk to Abbot Merik in the Monastery of Vastares "About the relics" who will tell you that his famous bones of Saint Vastar are missing and urges you to find them.

Finding the bonesEdit

  • Talk to Sister Irenne in the inner square of Vastares - City Center. You may need to talk to the Priest in the Church South of Vastares first, you also need persuade at a high enough level (at least 26) to persuade the Sister to confess, and tell you her life story!
  • She will tell you she stole the bones and has hidden them in the Crypt of the Ferney Dynasty - West Wing
    • You have the option to turn her in to the authorities. Not doing so will gain you fame.
  • Go to the Cemetery of Vastares and into the crypt and find the bones in a little leather pouch on a shelf.
  • Take the bones back to Abbot Merik again "About the relics". You will receive 500 gold and fame.
  • You have the option to give the bones to Sister Irenne and she will reward you with a kiss, this gives you a +5 bonus to undead magic.
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