Baba Manya needs help with her grandson.

Baba manya gives you this quest and asks to find her grandson or what's left of him in the dungeon near her house.
Sarovets cave

Baba Manya quest cave

Enter it and explore it. It has some nice mobs and stuff to make you rich a bit. It has 2 POIs that worth mentioning. At the North of the map there are 2 cave chasms. First one (left one has a spot where you step down and fall. You will appear in that small part of the map with some monsters and Manya's grandson body. Search it and go up on the ladder.

Map also has a tunnel, entering which walls are closing after you and you can get a key to the eastern door. Throw something at a chasm in one place and the rock blocking you there will come up enabling you to go out again with key in your pockets.

Return to Baba manya for the reward.

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