There are five base attributes in The Quest that can be viewed and improved via the Main tab of the Character Profile. Each of these attributes governs over different stats on the character's profile and other character related elements. Most important of these are the character's Skills.

Attribute PointsEdit

Characters are given five attribute points to increase their ability within that specific attribute. Each attribute may not be increased more than twice each level with these points.

Governing AttributesEdit

Perhaps the most important use of attributes comes in their influence over skills. Characters may not have any skill at a level that is more than double what it's governing attribute's level is. For example, a character with Intelligence level of 23 may not purchace Alchemy level 47 with skill points. However, a skill's base level may be increased temporarily by reading a book that increases said skill if it is done when the skill level is just below it's maximum allowed at that time. Using that same example, that same character (Int 23) may read a 'Primer Book of Fundamental Alchemy' book (+3 Alchemy) at Alchemy level 45 for a final total of Alchemy level 48. No other skill enhancing book for Alchemy may be read by that character until he/she has an Intelligence level of 25.

Attributes are modified by a great number of other Game Mechanics such as racial traits, spell effects, potions, item enchantments, etc. These modifiers are seen as the blue number outside the parentheses beside the attribute's base level which is encased and yellow. Modified attributes are not used to calculate the character's maximum allowed skill level under that governing attribute. Continuing with the previous example, that character may not have Alchemy past level 46 even though his character profile Intelligence: 31(23).

Attribute PotionsEdit

The list of potions that can fortify a specific attribute is plentiful. While the effects of fortifying these attributes this way is temporary, the character receives all associated benefits from the enhanced attribute level. However, there are a number of potions available to be purchased, found, or created by the player which can permanently increase one or more attributes' base level. These permanent attribute potions can only be taken once per level, and only one type of potion may be taken. If a character drinks a Permanent Intelligence potion at level 3, he/she may not drink any other type of permanent potion until he/she reaches level 4. For this reason, the 'Permanent Gush' potion is valued above all others of its kind since it can increase three attributes at once.

A character that begins to diligently drink permanent attribute potions at level one will be much stronger than a character that has neglected to drink any even though they may be at the same character level.

Attribute Skill(s) Other Effects
Dexterity Accuracy, Block, Dual Wield, Light Armor, Light Weapon, Lockpick, Repair, Stealth

- Increases wight capacity

- Increases physical damage dealt

- Increases AC

Endurance Heavy Armor

- Increases weight capacity

- Increases HP

- Increases resistance (Disease)

- Increases resistance (Poison)

- Increases resistance (Paralysis)

Intelligence Alchemy, Attack Magic, Disarm, Environment Magic, Heal Magic, Protection Magic, Undead Magic

- Increases SP

- Increases total number of usable spots with Mark

- Increases resistance (Magic)

- Increases resistance (Paralysis)

Personality Mercantile, Mind Magic, Persuade - Increases resistance (Paralysis)
Strength Heavy Weapon

- Increases weight capacity

- Increases physical damage dealt

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