Archmage's Gloves Quest is a quest in the main game that primarily takes place in Port of Vastares and Redwood Forest.



  • When you get to Julius's residence talk to the Apprentice. She will not let you meet Julius despite your persuasions.
  • Return to Bomenor and tell him the apprentice wouldn't let you in. He gives you three methods of getting in to see Julius:
    • Open the window facing Fishbone Square. It must be night time to explore this option. Choosing this method however results in you going to jail.
    • Persuade the Apprentice to let you see him. The Archmage helps you with this by giving you a book that she wants.
    • Find the lever to disable the force field. Bomenor tells you the hint "look in the mirror."
  • Once you manage to gain access to Julius enter his door to talk to him.
  • Julius gives you three choices: go to jail, leave in peace, or punish Bomenor.
    1. Give the gloves. Results in failing the quest, committing a crime, and landing yourself in jail.
    2. Walk away. Results in failing the quest but gaining in fame.
    3. Punish Bomenor. This way has three more choices:
      1. (Lie) Tell that Julius died. Results in failing the quest and taking damage for 50 hp. (If you grab the Archmages Skull on the back shelf of the lair, and return it to Julius you'll be rewarded with a 'Spellbook of Paralyze' and a 'Wand of Strong Resistance'.
      2. (Lie) Tell that Julius thanks for the gloves. Results in failing the quest.
      3. Tell the truth: he waited for you. Quest will be solved, you get a reward: 'Spellbook of Infestation' (Teaches Infestation) and 500 gold.

Notes Edit

  • If you choose not to give the gloves to Julius, you will keep them. Magical gloves can be equipped and enchanted.
  • If you take option 1 when punishing Bomenor and fail the quest, you can still get rewarded from Julius and the Mage Lair stays open.
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