Location AmazonCave

Location of the Amazon Cave

The Amazon Cave is a small dungeon that houses a tribe of Amazonian Archers and their Queen, and is the source of all the Archers in the Matras Region. It can only be accessed from a hole in the ground in River of Brendan.
Map AmazonCave

Map of Dungeon


  • The Amazon Queen
  • Nadia's father, the Old farmer
  • Traps
  • Shelves
  • Well (Poison)
  • Bookstand
  • Statues
  • Jars
  • Door (Wood, Locked) - May only be opened with the Store room key.
  • Door (Prison, Locked) - May only be opened with the Key.


Special ItemsEdit



  • The entrance to the Amazon Cave only appears after Thurm's Quest for the Animals is initiated.
  • The small eastern wing of the Amazon Cave may not be accessed unless Nadia's Potion Quest has been initiated.
  • If you choose not to bed the Amazon Queen, you will only fight her and two Archers. Choosing otherwise will double the number of Archers next time you visit the Amazon Cave.
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