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The Kingdom Agent Recruiter wants you to help him find a boy in a brown tunic to recruit him as an agent. Will you help?


Village of Matras

Map of the Village of Matras

Boy in brownEdit

  • The boy in the brown tunic is Onin the fisher boy. He is located in the Abandoned Swamp in the west of Matras, south west from the Village of Matras. He only appears during the day.
  • Talk to Onin. He won't want to become an agent and will say there is a girl in Port of Matras who would be a better choice.
  • There are at least two ways to complete this quest, depending on how you answer the questions.

Method OneEdit

Port of Matras

Map of the Port of Matras

  • You are looking for Shena the fisher girl, refer to location 2 in the map to the right.
  • Talk to Shena and she will explain how much she wants to be an agent.
  • In order to fool the Kingdom Agent Recruiter she will need to look like Onin.
  • Head back to Onin and asks for his brown clothes.
  • Return to Shena, who has cut her hair to look like Onin. She is now ready to go with you to the recruiter.
  • Head back to the recruiter. You will need Persuade skill at level 25 to make him believe she is Onin.

Method TwoEdit

  • While talking to Onin, choose the reply "I need you and not the girl".
  • If you have sufficient persuade skill (~15?), you will persuade him to become an agent.
  • He will ask you to seek out his brother and tell him to look after their father before he accepts to join you though.
  • You can find his brother in Northern Wolfcreek. Just talk to him and he will give you a secret code to ensure Onin believes you saw his brother.
  • Now go back to Onin and let him know you saw his brother and choose the reply with the secret code in it. He will then agree to follow you.
  • Now go see the Kingdom Agent Recruiter back in the village and claim your reward.


  • Positive Fame
  • Some Gold (1000G)
  • Book of 'Basic Horse Trading Skills'
  • Book of 'How To Coax'
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