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An underground indoor zone infested with the undead that is only accessible from Abandoned Region


  • Area is not a part of any quest.
  • The abandoned mine is haunted by Venom bats, Skeleton warriors & Skeleton generals in the first section and both Ghouls and Ancient ghouls in the other portions of the labyrinth. Be prepared to either prevent or cure plague, warrt, poison and paralysis.
  • Tunnel to the North (9 paces from the entrance) leads to a network of four rooms with Ghouls, throwing paralysis, plague and wart. You will find a key leading to the main chamber. Watch out for poison bubbling out of the ground where you are going to find the key.
  • Tunnel to the South (12 paces from the entrance) with room has nothing but you can rest and recover in it.
  • Tunnnel straight ahead has a room that needs to be cleared of skeletons.
  • Tunnel to the South (14 paces from the entrance) has a red gate to open with key found earlier (or Unlock spell 50+ lvl). The chamber appears empty except for a crypt/coffin "Coffin of the Damned", four pentagrams and two levers.
  • The levers located on either side between the pentagrams. Lift levers and two ghouls appear on the pentagrams. Kill them.
  • Watch out for the pentagrams! If you step on them you are taken to another dimention with two ghouls and four skeleton generals. This can be a tough fight. (Go there, it's an additional Xp!)
  • Loot left on pentagrams can be retrieved by stepping on one twice.
  • Boss "The Damned". After killing the two pairs of ghouls touch the coffin and The Damned will appear. Kill him!